Ecoraster® Products

Ecoraster® comes in three main versions, E30, E40 and E50. E30 is the most economical and is suitable for lightweight applications. E40 is a good 'all-rounder' whereas E50 is the strongest and, when installed properly, is labelled as indestructable by the manufacturer

Below are a series of PDFs that list the tecnical specifications of each Ecoraster® version.

Product Overview

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The economical grid

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The universal grid

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The indestructable grid

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ECORASTER® BLOXX is inter alia protected by German Utility Model 201014106285, Polish Utility Model W.124709; US-Patent 10094073, European Patent Application 3237682 and further applications outside of Europe.
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Curve Solution

Universal Angle

Ecosedum - Green Roofing

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Installation Guides