What is Ecoraster®?

Endorsed by NATO, Ecoraster is a high quality permeable ground reinforcement solution with a multitude of applications

Ecoraster® is transforming the World market with a proven (23+ yrs), low cost, permeable, plastic grid paving solution. It is the world's leading and original soft ground stabilization solution with over 15 million m2 installed world wide. 100% recycled materials, produced in an ISO 9001 facility and certified environmentally neutral. Ecoraster is the tested and proven solution for developments, construction sites, road shoulders, driveways, erosion control and anywhere a solid permeable surface is needed - in both grid and decorative paver styles. It has a 20 year factory warranty on proven system that is good for development, business, infrastructure and the environment with no compromise.

Ecoraster is the most trusted and widely used permeable grid system in the world. ISO 9001 Logo

Easy To Install

No heavy lifting required. Ecoraster can be easily installed by one person at upto 100m2 per hour.

Hard Wearing

Made from recycled materials, Ecoraster is tough. In fact it's military-grade and NATO-certified!

20 Year Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of Ecoraster that we offer a 20 year warranty!


Just some of the benefits of Ecoraster

  • Easy and quick installation (up to 100m2 per hour per person)
  • High resilience (up to 800kg/m2)
  • Low maintenance
  • Installation without heavy construction equipment
  • No edging needed
  • Permeable ground reinforcement
  • Low transport and handling costs
  • Weatherproof and unbreakable
  • Safety interlocking with 36 notches per m2
  • UV resistant and frost-proof
  • Immediately green area (using Ecoraster® green, pre-green products)
  • 20 year peace-of-mind warranty
  • Made in Germany

Latest News

Ecoraster E50 has been used to build road shoulders

Using Heavy Duty Ecoraster E50 for soft road shoulders reinforcement is widely accepted throughout Europe and USA. Ecoraster can be beneficiary by not only reducing the maintenance needed but also by ensuring the area remains level, stable and safe for drivers.

How Good is Ecoraster

This video should help any our customers who may doubt the strength and durability of Ecoraster. Simulating an expeditionary environment at the Osprey test facility, Ecoraster E50 was put down on a dirt road without surface preparation or filling the cells. We used a Caterpillar D5C bulldozer, weighing in at over 9000kg. to simulate hard abuse by tracked vehicles on a temporary road. There was no structural and only some cosmetic damage. With proper installation per manufacturers specs, there should be no damage and the product is covered by a 20 yr. The shear test alone on this test was incredible.

Example Applications

Below are just a few applications of Ecoraster products.


From tracks to paddocks


Robust surfaces that can handle a tank


Just like grass... but better

Erosion Control

Ecoraster is perfect for slope stability

Golf Clubs

Prevent damage by golf carts

Green Roofing

Environmentally responsible

Green Spaces

Accessibility for wheelchairs

Industrial Applications

Indestructable yards and indoor spaces


A versatile solution for gardens


NATO approved for indestructability


Robust, naturally draining surfaces

Practical Grid

Low maintenance, permeable and sustainable


Both temporary and permanent

Temporary Surfaces

Quick to lay and reusable


Can be used for site preparation